Hydrate2O is physician owned and operated.

Salus Hydrate therapies are 100% natural and are developed by our double board-certified physicians and registered nurses with multiple decades of hospital and private patient experience. 


We listen to your health concerns and  will suggest the best treatment for your individual health needs.

Our treatments support improved energy, mental clarity, immune systems, migraines, pregnancy, athletic ability, weight loss, longevity, and healing.

When necessary, our trained physicians are standing by to customize your therapy as appropriate to treat your medical conditions.

Why IV Infusion Nutrient Therapy?

Intravenous nutrient therapy bypasses the slow process of digestion allowing you to receive 100% of the treatment. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are injected directly into the bloodstream and produce results instantly – leaving you feeling better immediately.

Our nutrients help support your body during times of stress, exhaustion, and acute or chronic illness.

Some of the specific benefits you may experience include increased energy, enhanced mood, improved sleep, decreased stress and anxiety, and better immune function.


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72 N. Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901

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"I just brought my twin daughters in for some fluids. The nurse, Joe we had was just wonderful!!! Such a terrific personality. He was so friendly and made the girls feel comfortable. Hope to have him again on our next visit!"


"Vitamin IV Therapy / Hydration Infusion bars are popping up more and more around the US. However not everyone is qualified in offering these types of services . Salus Hydrate is the exception- as the office is run by medical doctors who have competent nurses and health care professionals administering treatments. I was in town over the holidays and had a very positive experience.


The facility was clean and comfortable while the staff was friendly and informative.


I highly recommend the NAD , Immune drip, Vitamin D and probiotic shots if you are in seek of some extra energy and protection to shield off illness this winter season ! I will definitely return the next time I am in the Doylestown area!


"I’m so glad I went to Salus Hydrate! I went in feeling very sick and dehydrated, and I came out feeling much, much better after an IV treatment. The nurse Tara was great, and Philomena at the front desk super helpful as well. I will definitely be back, and I will be sure to recommend their services to others!"

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